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butt_hurstOver 40 years ago we patented the first ever rescue tool system, and we haven’t stopped innovating since then. Our commitment to research and development, along with quality manufacturing, has resulted in a line of products known for their outstanding safety, durability and performance.

Because of this commitment, Hurst Jaws of Life® rescue systems have been instrumental in saving hundreds of thousands of lives throughout those 40-plus years.

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Relentless innovation.

It’s what makes Vetter the global leader in developing technically superior specialized pneumatic products. We never stop listening, inventing, testing and demanding that our products meet the challenges of any imaginable emergency head on. Our cooperation with international emergency professionals, extensive experience in the widest range of rescue scenarios, and commitment to innovation have allowed us to change what’s possible on the rescue scene.

As the worldwide leader in pneumatics innovation,
Vetter’s got the most impressive products on the market.

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butt_mitz“Schmitz Mittz” has been designed to protect the two things that keep you working safely day in and day out. Your hands! We have endeavored to offer you unparalleled protection, while providing superior resistance against slash, heat and crush related injuries.

Our unique non-slip grip and waterproof inner liner that repels bio-toxins, chemicals, oils and other harsh hazardous materials makes our gloves second to none. Schmitz Mittz gives you the confidence and the ultimate protection in the world’s most hostile environments. So give your hands a break and try a pair of our “Hard Hat For The Hands”

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The RHYNO Windshield Cutter is a unique extrication tool used to rapidly remove vehicle glass to gain access to injured occupants.

Windshield, passenger and rear windows can be removed in under 1 minute for quick access to patients or for further rescue operations.

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butt_r42Rescue 42, Inc. developed the TeleCribbing® Stabilization system back in 2000. It has been extremely successful, helping Fire and Rescue crews perform extrication and rescue in an environment safer for both rescuers and victims.

Our old system was manufactured of galvanized steel “signpost” type material. While this material is OK, it has some problems. It is heavy, relatively weak, and is easily attacked by moisture and many chemicals including battery acid! It also conducts electricity, which is very undesirable due to the popularity of hybrid electric cars.

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